Are you still complaining about the high cost of shipping goods in the US and not being on time?

We have now launched a special line to solve your problems,Contact Matic Shipping now to help you solve these problems, Break the reserve price with prices as low as $0.95/kg. Rich experience, planning from packaging, transportation, delivery, etc., to help customers save costs in an all-round way. The fastest shipping time is 15 days, DDP, the price of ordinary ships, and the speed of fast ships. Oakland transportation line, the whole container arrives at the port and directly enters the Amazon warehouse, 0 pieces are lost. During the freight process, there are also special personnel to provide you with timely and effective services throughout the process.
Matic Express is committed to providing convenience for all Amazon sellers purchasing from China, scientifically planning a variety of transportation options。

Contact us for more info now!!

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